interstitial anachronism

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  • pronouns: she/they
  • younger than you think, older than you know
  • eternally defying the [american] skin color binary
  • consumes copious amounts of fanfic and spec fic and ~interactive fiction~ for emotional sustenance

gimme the fic

i'm syrinsaya on ao3 and, but i don't have anything up yet? working on some good 'ol racially charged into-the-spiderverse fic though

gimme the (interactive) fic

i can give you recs? anything by emily short tbh. also slouching into bedlam got me through an entire like seven hours at LAX and it has my eternal gratitude for such

do you even tech though

yeah, working on server stuff and hopefully nonexistent maps w/ GIS

also i'm trying to figure out the fediverse aka the bizarre alternate universe somehow not subsumed by the claws of corporate greed

contact info

i'm on protonmail and under this screenname (sorry guys i'm too lazy for links atm)