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There's a vaccine, finally

May 06, 2020 — ~stern

Turns out, our president is an idiot. Shutting down the Coronavirus Task Force will put this mess on a train to hell with a bow on it's head.

Good news is that there is a vaccine in clinical trials, it's not deactivated Coronavirus, it's MRNA coded to make normal cells display coronavirus antigens, sure, It causes the Killer T cells to kill normal cells, but it's actually a briliant way to deal with the theory that Coronavirus came out of a bioweapons lab;

They don't use the virus itself, they use MRNA to recode cells for the purpose of using them in the place of the virus itself,

we have no idea what the virus is capable of/designed to do, so that variable is taken out of the equation entirely.

Wow, what a month.

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