How to join the webring

This webring can be joined by any user on

First, add the following code to your page, replacing YOURUSERNAMEHERE by your username (no ~):

<div id="newring">
  [<a href="//">Previous page</a>]
  [<a href="//">Random page</a>]
  [<a href="//">Next page</a>]
  <a href="//">How to join this webring</a>

You may edit the code however you want. It should work as long as the URLs are kept in place and have your user in them.

Then create a .ring file in your ~ to be added in the webring:

$ touch ~/.ring

Note: some users had a .ring file but were missing the ring HTML, thus breaking the chain. I manually excluded them for now. If this happened to you, email me at and we’ll fix it :)

Why another webring?

I was not satisfied with the old webring because it only had a “random” link, no next or previous. The buttons at the sides were just “Click to join” buttons.

How does this work?

Only users with a .ring file in their ~ are included. See the source for each file:

You should be able to copy these to your own public_html directory, if you want.

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How to join this webring

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