I'm pretending to write stuff on the internet.

October 15th, 2014

Meowls are pretty awesome.

My slackass made it to the gym again today. That makes two whole days this week! One more to hit the "goal". Another late hockey game tonight too, so I'm excited for that.

October 14th, 2014

Last night I had one of the worst hockey games ever. We lost 8-1 to a team that looked like they were skating in slow-motion. We couldn't clear our own zone, couldn't get any outlets, couldn't control once we DID manage some time in the offensive zone. It's been a bad start so far at 0-2-1 (one overtime loss was still good for a point), probably the worst start we've seen in several seasons. A whole third of the team pre-gamed at my house with tacos and some leftover beer in a keg we were trying to kick, so that probably didn't help things much. We'll have to rethink that in the future.

On the workfront, I'm finishing up a couple remaining ugly bugs prior to our release tomorrow night. It's always nice finishing up a project, but I wish we did more incremental releases. As much as I hate sprint planning and all the extra crap that goes along with Scrum, I was never more productive or balanced between work/life than when I was on a team that stuck to it strictly. And it wasn't just the webdev team, but the entire vertical. I'm pushing for us to go that route here and really hope it takes.

Today as I was walking from one of our buildings to the other, I got a brief glimpe of Fall outside and loved it. There's a strong breeze going as a cold front rolls through, the leaves are showing some color and lots of foliage is falling from the wind. You could even smell some rotting leaves. It's rare to find seasons in the Bay Area, so these brief glimpses are pretty great.

October 13th, 2014

Finally made it back to the gym during lunch today. It was a decent workout. I've been following this Stronglifts 5x5 workout for a little bit after doing Crossfit for years. A couple weeks ago I pissed off my left thigh pretty bad. Just doing an airsquat would aggrevate it. It was like a really severe cramping. Anyway, I laid off it and just stuck to hockey, so today was the first workout I'd had in about 2 weeks. I scaled back my squat weight quite a bit so just I can get back in the rhythm again.

I hate working out. I hate maintenance in general -- showering, brushing my teeth, sleeping, going to the doctor, getting my bike's oil changed. All this crap is just an obnoxious mental weight that's always there, and the worst part is that I feel guilty when I neglect it. I can't express how irritating it is for me to leave the gym feeling happy and positive about everything. I don't want to be that susceptible to seemingly small gestures like working out, but I am.

October 10th, 2014

I had a donut for breakfast this morning. It was awesome. I love donuts.

I'm enjoying the conversation that goes on via wall here. There are a lot of smart people doing cool things in the shell, like creating a map that shows peoples' locations from their .plan files, another one that aggregated everyone's finger info into a txt file (which the group collectively decided is probably not a great idea to show publicly), and another that shows how everyone is linked to each other.

I joined the email.club, which means folks on tilde can send me mail via the shell. I haven't used Pine in ages. I miss text-only email.


Food truck today had cheesesteaks! Donuts and cheesesteaks in the same day. I'm going to turn into the stay-puffed marshmallow man.

I've been listening to a great Howard Stern interview of Bill Murray. It's a great interview. Apparently he's impossible to get ahold of, let alone get him talking for an hour-long interview. I'm looking forward to his new movie.

October 9th, 2014

I'd like to take a moment to say hello to my friend, gipp, and thank ford for the playground.