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Update Log

06/13: fixed errors from editing while I was drunk. I'm trying to finally get playlists and mirrors set up.

06/12: I finally received an invitation from a vocational counselor...but I won't have any opportunities until July. I'll try to update some pages and create new ones as often as possible in the meantime.

Also, when I was looking through supplementary files, I found a screenshot that hints at Gamechamp3000 being ephebophilic. If you have evidence showing predatory behavior, send it to LEAs and

To see what I'm working on at the moment, read the to-do list.

Featured Guide

Good Programs for Windows and Wine

Let's make Windows suck less!

Featured Comic

Small Ants Are Easy to Crush

Smant belongs in prison, just like Rebeccah Kruleski!

Featured Scrapbook Page

Beatmania Shrine

Beatmania IIDX is 25 years old this year...yet I still only have a page for the original series (lol).

Featured Rant

The Worst Clich├ęs on YouTube

These really need to stop.