October 26, 2018: It's raining

We have guests coming in from out of town (Canada, actually) who we've never met, except for by way of webdesign-l, and Heather is making dressing and cornbread and generally making the kitchen smell awesome. Tomorrow we roast two chickens and make a brown sugar pie. I will go out to get beer and white wine and possibly more green beans, and Gina and Adrian will come by to greet Greg and Bonnie. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, if cold, so walking around downtown may be contraindicated. We'll see.

January 22, 2016: It's sleeting in Raleigh and I'm nostalgic

And I'm writing this in vi. The sleet is turning to snow. We're soaking red beans and when Heather gets up I'll clean up the kitchen and make rice. We still have power, a wood burning fireplace insert, wood and kindling for days, thanks to our pecan trees, fragile beasts they are. I'm actually considering making coffee, which I don't often do.

October 18, 2014: Twenty years ago today

I had been on the Internet for three years and had been using the Web for a few months.

It was pretty cool.