Hi I'm Nick. Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web!

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Excellent people (but other people are also excellent):

Some cool links:

Worldwide WWW Information
http://wings.buffalo.edu/world Sun Jan 23 00:28:59 1994
What to see on the Web
http://www.cnam.fr/curiosities.html Fri Feb 18 01:01:43 1994
Cardiff's Movie Database Browser.
http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/Movies/ Sat Feb 26 01:10:14 1994
Remote file wiretap.spies.com/
ftp://wiretap.spies.com/ Sat Feb 26 01:31:22 1994
Remote file ftp.eff.org/
ftp://ftp.eff.org/ Fri Mar 4 20:46:19 1994


~sippey is right that this is a kind of historical re-enactment, but it's also a bit like a retreat where you're placed in an environment that's detached from your daily routine but reaches out to what was once familiar, attempts to reactivate muscle memories that you can take away and reintegrate into the routine. Except that web stuff is in public.

I'm still going to do that archaeology thing, though.


...oh fuck it, I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to go through one link on my old Mosaic hotlist every day and see if/what I can dig up or remember of it. A bit of web archaeology, a bit of social history, let's see what comes out of it.

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