LazyDog's Mechanical Keyboard Mod Kit for the AlphaSmart 3000

An AlphaSmart 3000 with the kit installedThe kit from the previous pic, removed from the AlphaSmart and without keycaps, revealing a PCB populated with Gateron Black linear switches and Kailh Blue Choc low-profile clicky switches

Got an AlphaSmart 3000 but disappointed with the mushy keyboard? Want a solution for distraction-free writing that's cheaper than a Freewrite and more practical than a typewriter? Like weird old technology? Look no further! This kit allows you to ditch the AlphaSmart 3000's mini rubber domes and replace them with the clicky, tactile, or linear mechanical keyswitches of your choice.

Features include:

To build the kit, you will need:

⚠ I'm temporarily closed for new orders. If you're waiting on an order, it's still being fulfilled. If you want to place an order, check back in like November.

Payments are through PayPal. If you would like to use a different method, email me.

If you would like to modify the design or order a PCB directly from a fabricator, the KiCAD project files and Gerbers are available for download:
[QWERTY] [Colemak]

If you have any questions, gripes, or fawning adorations, I encourage you to contact me at jyamine815Ⓐ

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