~club6.nl is up

I’ve been working very hard to setup my shinny new tilde: ~club6.nl It’s the first IPv6-only Public Access UNIX System! I’m happy to announce is open for registration :)

Lurking around cheap VPS providers I found VDS6 They offer extremely cheap OpenVZ boxes in Netherlands and I sadi Hey!, wouldn’t be a great idea to have another tilde?.

If you feel curious, there’s a master plan in the ~club6.nl TODO list.

I’d love to post sometime the adventure of configuring everything arount ~club6.nl, but for the time being I’d like to thank:

  • brennen, the first real user!
  • pfhawkins for listing us
  • delfuego for setting up IRC peering with tilde.club.
  • [englishm] for the NNTP peering setup.
  • endorphant for adding us to the Nethack Empire.
  • ecelis and papa, ol’school SDFers, always with positive feedback.
  • […] please don’t be upset if I forgot you, my memory is slighty worse than my english! Just drop me a line and I’ll fix it ;)