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October 9, 2014

Waiting for the first fecal-implant shopping site to go online.


ORGANIC HI-GRADE SUPER TUSH!!! All-natural, outdoor vegan, no toxins, super-pure ... Source ate only vinegar last three bowel cycles. No more feeling clumsy! Comes with McDonald's spoon applicator, a two-week supply, three-hour how-to video.

THE CORN-FARMER. NEW STRAIN! Haven't seen something like this since the 1880s!!!! No more "if you're leanin', you're cleanin'" from the boss -- you'll find your zone with his wheat-and-grain uncompromised source. Each container holds an entire day's bowel movements. Choose from a corn-stalk or corn-cob applicator.

SHINING PATH -- AUTHENTIC!!! Recovered as part of a DEA drug bust from paramilitary guerrillas in Peru and then sold at government auction to the highest bidder. It's worth it!!! Feel your fingers again and know what it's like to have a purpose.


DMOZ is still there and still what it was, so no need.

Getting back into ciphers a little bit. See the top of the page. This one should be super-easy.

October 4, 2014

Planning a new DMOZ-type directory, since Yahoo's out of the game. Only for sites run by academics or individuals and cool people. Little-known fact: I sent a correction to Yahoo when it was still at Stanford and still mostly a directory and a "what's new" page. I think a b tag was wrong.

Gonna set up a Hotline server first, though.

October 3, 2014

242 lbs. Target 200 by May 1. We'll see.

Just finished writing marketing copy to raise $3 million. We'll see about that, too. My name won't be on the brass plaque, of course.

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