Parasitic intergalactic savages Will land here in 2033 Heaven destroyed your planets before The star force came to feed I saw my brother devoured A river of blood when it tore off his head But they'll leave organized A system for harvesting human flesh

Please proceed with caution.

What is this shit?

San Francisco, Walpurgisnacht 1968


The gods of the right-hand path have bickered and quarreled for an entire age of earth. Each
of these deities and their respective priests and ministers have attempted to find wisdom in
their own lies. The ice age of religious thought can last but a limited time in this great scheme
of human existence. The gods of wisdom- defiled have had their saga, and their millerinium
hath become as reality. Each, with his own "divine" path to paradise, hath accused the other of
heresies and spiritual indiscretions. The Ring of the Nibelungen doth carry an everlasting
curse, but only because those who seek it think in terms of "Good" and "Evil" - themselves
being at all times "Good". The gods of the past have become as their own devils in order to
live. Feebly, their ministers play the devil's game to fill their tabernacles and pay the
mortgages on their temples. Alas, too long have they studied "righteousness", and poor and
incompetent devils they make. So they all join hands in "brotherly" unity, and in their
desperation go to Valhalla for their last great ecumenical council. "Draweth near in the gloom
the twilight of the gods." The ravens of night have flown forth to summon Loki, who hath set
Valhalla aflame with the searing trident of the Inferno. The twilight is done. A glow of new
light is borne out of the night and Lucifer is risen, once more to proclaim: "This is the age of
Satan! Satan Rules the Earth!" The gods of the unjust are dead. This is the morning of magic,
and undefiled wisdom. The flesh prevaileth and a great Church shall be builded, consecrated
in its name. No longer shall man's salvation be dependent on his self-denial. And it will be
known that the world of the flesh and the living shall be the greatest preparation for any and
all eternal delights!




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