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#4: August 20th, 2022 An endless staircase under the feet, coiling around a smooth pillar of stone. Below, a black emptiness that seemed to swallow up the feet and hurry one on upward. He had been walking for what seemed an eternity. A few days. A week. A thousand years. Ten minutes? It didn't matter- after all, the staircase was infinite. The beginning is the end and each step is precisely zero percent of the way up. After a thousand, ten thousand, forty-seven billion steps, he had stopped for a short break of an infinite amount of time to think. In his mind, he pictured an endless staircase with a black sky overhead that seems to swallow up the hairs on one's head and hurry them to descend as quickly as possible. Each step down is a step backward and toward the beginning is the end and the end the beginning. After making it back to where he had never started, he began the journey once more.
#3: June 18th, 2022 A thought: A game is as interesting as the extent to which it can be- from a place of understanding and study- broken. Structurally manipulated and guided to a conclusion not intended by the creators. From wallclips in early 3D titles to carelessly allowed dialogue loops in RPGs that yield infinite XP, feeling like you can attain an understanding of the technology and world than others can elevate the intellectual rewards of an experience. This isn't to say that a game's core idea isn't relevant, but maybe leaving a few cracks in the facade makes things more interesting?

Seeing beyond the veil, a grand conspiracy, a new reason of the world.
#2: May 27th, 2022 Lately, I've been tackling both the listless lethargy arising from idleness and the burden of many hobbies and interests. Aside from learning pentesting and using Linux more, I've also had an interest in continuing my musical and artistic endeavors over on the youtube channel, though as a likely unsolvable lifetime mystery, I cannot tell whether I must be inspired to do creative work or simply sit down to do it and create the inspiration myself. No muses or sudden divine knowledge, only work.

I do however have a story idea that suits the surreal mood of the previous video, I just have to puzzle out how it should be written and what the format of the video should be; whether I follow the previous 'music video' style or try something different. These things are generally figured out on the way, so maybe it's not worth pondering too deeply. Especially before any kind of audience has been established.

On the topic of the creative project, here's an example of some of the assets and expansions I've made to github project that I use to create the videos. As a technically-minded person, I've certainly spent more time developing than using it, but it at least gives me the illusion of 'productivity', while delaying any real progress being made, hah.

Those hands in the example video, they're actually created in a very tedious, yet highly replicable manner: after cutting out the objects in photoshop, adjust contrast, convert to indexed colour (3-5 colours) with a monochrome palette and crop each layer after overlaying them all properly. This is another 'developmentally, not creatively' driven process however, because I can keep making animation assets until the end of the world, but unless I use them for a creative project, it's ultimately all hypothetical.
#1: May 24th, 2022 Alright. After an entire night of fighting css, knowing full-well that I am not a web developer, nor do I even know html or css (though I guess I do, now?), I've finally managed to put together something rudimentary that I can start working with. I don't yet know exactly what I want to put here, but I'd like to keep this page as a little hub for my personal projects- artistic and technical endeavors of various kinds.

For now...

Edit: I change my mind, working on css suuucks. I definitely got it working now, but oh jesus what a pain it was to get all the backgrounds and such filling out properly. Now to *never* touch it again and I can actually focus on putting stuff here. Just to test this out...

The dramatic opening chorus to the St. Mathhew passion in E minor. Note that since they're using the tuning A=415Hz, you'll hear an Eb in bass.

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