~~~This is the tilde.club page of the Cyberis~~~~

What is a Cyberis?

First, it's "What is THE Cyberis?", as there is only one of me in existence. And that's probably a good thing. As for an answer to "What is The Cyberis?" the most fundamental answer is "I am the Cyberis!" That is not a very helpful answer and almost tautological -- so the best way to figure out what the Cyberis is... is to keep watching this page :-)

This page is a future Pelican Landing Pad

I will be using Pelican to automate the building of this site. For more info, go to Get Pelican.

Update(4 Nov 2014): Wow, I've gotten over 100 hits and I haven't really put anything valuable here yet. I guess I better get busy.

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