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OCT 2 2014
today's music of choice is Great Wall by Paul Oakenfold, a trance album that I was introduced to in a community that has long since passed away (side note: being part of that community put me on the road to learning how to code)

OCT 3 2014
it is technically oct 4 right now, but it is 03.48 (AM for y'all americanos) so who gives a damn. today's song is the sumptuous melancholy tones of Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn by Mono.

OCT 5 2014
so I somehow missed posting on oct 4 so let's make up for that with 88:88 Remixes, an album of Makeup and Vanity Set remixes. the original album 88:88 sounds like what happens when you mash the synths of the 80s with the solitude of an early morning and add a dash of cyberpunk - for flavor of course.

OCT 6 2014
today's music for y'all is the entire soundtrack for WC3:TFT because I just started playing it again. my gosh it really holds up, 11 years later and I still enjoy playing the campaign. it is such a magnificent whole - nicely balanced game design w/ enjoyable units, lovely maps & missions and great music.

OCT 7 2014
despite tilde.club being down today, it looks as if there will be more music for y'all! today's tunes are brought to you by Trentemøller, a danish electronic musician who also puts together amazing mixes. it's called Harbour Boat Trip -- a wonderful slow-paced, almost ambient, mix he put together back in 2009.

OCT 8 2014
today's track of choice is Pokemon Blue/Red - Wild Pokemon Battle, inspired by the impromptu poetry slam that was held in wall today and the magikarp haiku that I wrote while participating.

OCT 9 2014
popopopKero Kero Bonito - Flamingopopopop

OCT 15 2014
so I experienced my usual bout of update fatigue, which I usually experience with all kinds of diary-type things. alas this amazing album, 2039 by Tom Mauritzon, came out and I had to share it. it's a cyberpunk concept album; just listen to the first track, if you like the music in Ghost in the Shell you'll probably love this album. geez, I love it when people make great new things - I just want to share it with everyone that would like it & it refuels my creative batteries :3

OCT 19 2014
Solar Quest - Flying Spirals

OCT 20 2014
Holy Other's album Held, thanks to nnkd for telling me about Holy Other :3

OCT 21 2014
today we have a v cyberpunk mixtape: Android Love by Perturbator.

OCT 23 2014
Hokkaido from the Chaos Theory soundtrack by Amon Tobin. it's a great track, and the intro sounds strangely similar to the music at the start of Diablo 2's act 1 :~~

OCT 24 2014
superb dj mix by Booka Shade right here: DJ-Kicks: Booka Shade

OCT 25 2014
today's music is aliceffekt performing a couple of albums at the 8static Festival in philadelphia: aliceffekt - 8static festival 2014

OCT 26 2014
David Kanaga's Proteus GameCity 7 Mix is a beautiful and eclectic mix, and one of my absolute favourites.

OCT 27 2014
today's song is this superdupergood mashup of Elton John and System of a Down Crocodile Chop by Neil Cicierega.

OCT 30 2014
today's album of choice is The Road by ludique. many thanks to my friend thundara for linking me it :3

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