~brozek @ Tilde.Club

Hello! My name is Brandon Rozek.

My first tilde account was at my undergraduate institution, but they have since taken it down. I have a tilde page at my current institution which highlights some of my academic works: https://homepages.rpi.edu/~rozekb

I joined tilde.club in order to have a friendly space to play around with making websites, and I hope to explore alternative protocols like Gemini and Gopher soon!

My main website is https://brandonrozek.com where you can find other ways to get in touch.

Musings from the Tildeverse

2024-02-12: Submitted my Valentine's card to the 32-bit Cafe Valentine's Day Event.

2024-01-28: Released WordGuess -- a wordle-based game designed to run on pubnixes. You can play it via SSH on tilde.club, run the command

python /home/brozek/WordGuess/client.py
You can also run it on another pubnix server. Check out the instructions on GitHub.

2024-01-07: Created my my plot of land using Cadastre.

2022-09-09: My Gemini site is now up! gemini://tilde.club/~brozek

2022-09-07: Yay I finally got around to setting up my tildespace! I'm going to try keeping this vanilla HTML/CSS for now and see how it goes.