Hi. I'm Basil. I'm not great at introductions but a few labels which seem to fit include these: late thirties; queer (asexual, agender); roller derby official; British; leftist; nerdy; probably neurodivergent; music (and vinyl) fan; Quaker-adjacent; occasional video gamer; Too Online; generally just chill. (Oh, and they/them pronouns please.)

I wildly overuse parentheses, both in writing and in speech.

Current projects and assorted ramblings:

There are no comments here, partly because I don't want them, but mostly just because everything here has been written, 1997-style, in nano through an SSH terminal. But feel free to drop me a mail at basil@tilde.club (GPG public key) or find me on Mastodon at @basil@mendeddrum.org.

Here is an impermanent and changable selection of things I'm currently interested in: