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my life

the time

on 18 jan (yeah, i'm a capricorn, whatever that means to you) a great, and dare i say world-ending scourge was brought into this world: yours truly! no wonder it's all been downhill since the 2000s...

the place

i was born and raised in the Greek equivalent of what the americans would call "bumfuck nowhere, alabama". a rural island in the middle of the sea! oh, it is truly blessed here... ignoring the fact that me having long hair made me village gossip for at least a year, maybe it's still ongoing... jokes aside, i honestly do love it here. it's really nice. nature is everywhere i look. only complaint is that i can't find most stuff for sale and have to order them...

the how

i am fluent in several languages. to name a few:

i don't have a lot of skills, but i do have passions. i love history, i have a mild interest in linguistics, i'm a filthy normie linux user but a linux user nonetheless (i use an arch-based distro, btw) and i love good food.

the what

hobbies of mine include: