Hello. This will begin with a short evaluation. Wait a moment, catch your breath. ... Are you ready? Good, let's begin. First. I want you to concentrate on... ...this. That word above. Read it again, then continue. Now, notice the white emptiness of this page. The letters that make up each i n d i v i d u a l w o r d. The way each letter smashes up against the next. The contrast between the words and the page. The vertical ebb and flow of the sentences. This descending column of text, drawing your gaze downwards. Now. I want you to consider the following question: Who do you think I am? You may think I am someone. That would be fair to assume. I use pronouns. I refer to myself as I. I am using the language necessary to constitute a personality. However. I am also text on a page. There is nothing to me that is not text. There is no image of me. No sound of me. That is because this is me. Right here. These letters on the page. I am nothing else. In order to proceed, you must understand this: Words do not presuppose a speaker. I am these words, and these words are me. And, you are reading these words. You are participating in the creation of me. You have been implicated in this process. There is nothing else here, but you... ...and me.