~~~How to ~tilde; a n00b's primer~~~~


New to the command line and all this webby cowfoolery? You're in luck! Here's a basic HELLO WORLD tutorial.

Logging in

                            / WELCOME TO TILDE.CLUB A PLACE FOR WEB \
                            \ PAGES                                 /
                                    \   ^__^
                                     \  (oo)\_______
                                        (__)\       )\/\
                                            ||----w |
                                            ||     ||

  1. On a Mac* browse to Applications/Utilities/Terminal and launch Terminal
  2. Type: ssh yourusername@tilde.club and [return]
  3. Type: yourpassword and [return]

* On a PC, you'll need to Google a "free ssh client". PuTTY is a good one.

Finding your index.html file

There are some basic command line commands you'll want to Google and learn, but for this tutorial you only need a few:

  1. Type: ls and [return] to see where you are; you should see a directory called "public_html"
  2. Type: cd public_html and [return] to browse into that folder
  3. Type: ls and [return] to see where you are; you should see your index.html file

Editing your index.html file

  1. Type: nano index.html and [return] to open your index.html file and begin editing
  2. Edit your file, willy nilly
  3. When done editing, use CTRL+X to close the file
  4. You'll be asked if you want to save; say y and [return] to return to the command line
  5. Refresh your tilde page in your browser to see your new website

Note: If at any time you feel you made a mistake in editing, you can exit and n to not save.

Refreshing your editor view (when chat interrupts)

You may have been caught off guard while editing and had some random chat messages muss up your view. It didn't actually edit your HTML page but you need to refresh your editor view.

  1. CTRL+L will refresh your view


Back on the command line, you may want to participate in chat. There is some great chat, likely, or you have questions.

  1. Type: wall and [return] to tell Terminal you are ready to chat
  2. Type your message to the world and [return]
  3. CTRL+D to post or CTRL+C to change your mind and cancel
  4. Have fun!

Note: There's also a fair amount of hashtag chatter on Twitter and an IRC channel has been created on freenode at #tildechat.

Setting up email

Your shiny, new tilde.club account comes with an email account you can use only between tilde.club members. Pine is a command-line email application to use it.

I won't get into detail on using Pine because once you are in it, it surprisingly makes sense.

  1. From the command line (after logged in via SSH), type: pine and [return]
  2. Follow instructions and use the menus at the bottom and top. (Note: When you see the ^ in front of the letter it means you need to use CTRL, otherwise just use the letter.)

How to be l33t

Now that you've made it this far, the community has been busy compiling additional resources for you to experiment with.

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